This week, we are releasing updates for 7 more Joomla templates for Joomla 3.9.1 and bug fixes. This is 6th release update batch for Joomla 3.9, we will continue the update and release more next week. Here’s the list of the 13 templates and extensions getting updated in this batch.

  1. JA Appolio
  2. JA Hotel
  3. JA Argo
  4. JA Directory
  5. JA Charity
  6. JA Cagox
  7. JA Teline IV T3
Did you know that 51% of all the palm oil imported into Europe goes into cars. The EU subsidises it as a “green biodiesel”. Even though it’s actually three times worse for the climate than regular diesel because of the deforestation it causes. On 1st February 2019 the European Commission can stop this madness. The EU Parliament had voted to stop promoting palm oil in biodiesel as a ‘green fuel’, but now it’s up to the European Commission to make it happen. Tell the European Commission: No palm oil in my tank!
BREAKING NEWS: Today was a good day for orang-utans. Bear with us because this is a mighty complex issue but you’ll feel good for understanding it. Minutes ago, the world’s leading palm oil certification body (RSPO) adopted strengthened standards on the production of sustainable palm oil. The new standards mean growers, traders and manufacturers will need to do more to stop the environmental impacts linked to palm oil production. We’re excited by these changes, and will support the RSPO to ensure it is now implemented with strong compliance. Many environmental organisations including us do not believe in an outright ban of palm oil. We have a growing global demand for edible oil and alternatives to palm oil take more land so could have an even more disastrous environmental impact. This is why it’s so important to work towards standards which will ensure the palm oil industry only operates in a sustainable way that doesn’t negatively impact rainforests. Closer to home, we still need your help. It’s all well and good for these standards to come into place but until palm oil labelling is made mandatory in Australia, you don’t know if their products are produced sustainably or unsustainably. Just remember: palm oil is in around 50% of the products you by in the supermarket and in many cases you have no way of knowing whether it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’ palm oil. Tell your MPs you just want to know what’s in the things you buy! JGIA thanks our representative Tash Coutts (The University of Western Australia) and advising researcher Courtney Morgans (The University of Queensland) for their vigilance and successful collaboration on this important issue. We will have updated FAQs on our website in the coming days. Image credit: Courtney Morgans
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Somos la primera UMA de primates en México

Con el registro oficial (DGVS-UMA-VL-3678-TAB) otorgado por la Dirección de Vida Silvestre de la Semarnat.

Será un lugar en donde se podrá ver la mayoría de animales y aves de la vida silvestre que existen en el sureste de México.
Jose Luis Alvarez Flores.


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