Today, I would like to bring you great news. We are going to release 2 new Joomla templates this month: JA Space - Creative Joomla template for Portfolio, Agency and GK Evo News - News and Magazines Joomla template. Let's check PREVIEW of the 2 new templates.

JA Space Joomla template preview

The Joomla template for Portfolio and Agency helps you quickly build beautiful and creative websites to bring attention to your portfolio, design projects or agency services with all the elements you need in one place. It is responsive for the full experience on any device or screen-size, supports all default Joomla pages and more.

portfolio Joomla template

Creative porfolio Joomla template - JA Space

En tan solo un año se han talado casi 8.000 kilómetros cuadrados del pulmón del planeta.
65% of the world's primate species are found in just four countries: Madagascar, Brazil, The Democratic Republic of Congo, and Indonesia. Indonesia is home to at least 28 primate species, of which 16 are island endemics , found nowhere else on earth. Black Crested Macaques, known locally as yaki, live in the forests of Sulawesi in troops of up to 100 monkeys. As this stunning footage from BBC's "Lands of the Monsoon" shows, they are not only incredibly beautiful and adorable to look at, they also display some fascinating and endearing behaviour.
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Somos la primera UMA de primates en México

Con el registro oficial (DGVS-UMA-VL-3678-TAB) otorgado por la Dirección de Vida Silvestre de la Semarnat.

Será un lugar en donde se podrá ver la mayoría de animales y aves de la vida silvestre que existen en el sureste de México.
Jose Luis Alvarez Flores.


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