Joomla 3.9.13 was released with security and bug fixes. We are updating our products to fully compatible with the latest Joomla version. This week, we are releasing 11 more Joomla templates for Joomla 3.9.13

JA Donate 1.0.4 is updated to support new feature: recurring donation of DT Donate and bug fix.

The template fully supports DT Donate, an advanced Joomla donation component to create donation campaigns, allow donors to donate online, supports 40+ popular payment gateways and easy to set up.

Hi, last week we released The Modern Gardening and Landscaping Joomla template - JA Landscape a bonus Joomla template built on latest T4 framework.

JA Landscape Gardening Joomla template is built on the latest T4 framework with innovative technology and advanced features. Its a complete solution for Modern Gardening and Landscaping, Lawn services, Groundskeepers Joomla template Joomla websites.

In this post, we will review core features with the screenshot of the gardening template, the easy way of customizing style and layouts, credit goes to All new T4 framework for its user-friendly UI and features.

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Somos la primera UMA de primates en México

Con el registro oficial (DGVS-UMA-VL-3678-TAB) otorgado por la Dirección de Vida Silvestre de la Semarnat.

Será un lugar en donde se podrá ver la mayoría de animales y aves de la vida silvestre que existen en el sureste de México.
Jose Luis Alvarez Flores.


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