Hi, JA Helple - Charity NGO and donation Joomla template is available for download. The Charity Joomla template supports leading Donation Joomla extension - DT Donate. The donation Joomla extension allows donors to donate online supports 40+ popular payment gateways. JA Helple is based on latest T4 Joomla template framework with a wide range of user-friendly features with support of JA ACM module, Joomla custom fields to use Joomla articles as donation page with customized about us, Blog and all default Joomla pages.

In this blog post, we will list out all main features of JA Helple by outlining core features first and then covering the core features in depth accompanied with screenshots. You can always see on the demo site - the layout options which are readily available in JA Helple with quick redirects to every layout option.

This week, we released updates for 11 more Joomla templates for Joomla 3.9.18 and bug fixes. In details, we updated JA Property and JA Social II Joomla template for bug fixes and 9 Joomla templates quickstart exported for the latest Joomla compatibility.

JA Campaign - A Free offer listing Joomla template is available for download. The free Joomla template helps to list out promotions/offers on Joomla page with beautiful content elements and Joomla custom fields support.

The template project is based on real-time campaign, COVID Support campaign for the Joomla community with corporation from 50+ Joomla clubs and Hosting providers to provide good offers to support the Joomla community with their Joomla projects. To make the website in quick time we also released the quickstart package that includes all the pre-built offer articles with custom fields, customized emails and offers sections.

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Somos la primera UMA de primates en México

Con el registro oficial (DGVS-UMA-VL-3678-TAB) otorgado por la Dirección de Vida Silvestre de la Semarnat.

Será un lugar en donde se podrá ver la mayoría de animales y aves de la vida silvestre que existen en el sureste de México.
Jose Luis Alvarez Flores.


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